What do we know?!


Our team collectively has over 40 years of experience of working with people and so we are well versed in initiating a sense of calm. We listen to your needs and desires and help you to fulfill your potential in various situations. All around you might be chaos but once we hit the deck, all that will disappear and you will be amazed with what we can help you to achieve.

The Life Laundress team have a :

A natural gravitation towards organisation

A track record of decluttering peoples lives thereby freeing up more time and space.

Coming into your home or office or wardrobe is a hugely personal thing, and we often hear people say that they are too embarrassed to let anyone in to their personal lives. We will help you overcome these things and help you see the things that matter. You will have clarity, freedom and a real sense of calm and tons more energy!

We provide a discreet and confidential service - essential when dealing with really private matters such as paper work.
We work efficiently and effectively - you will get your money's worth and with our advice you should find you both make and save more money!
We are sympathetic to your lifestyle needs and honest - particularly if we are discussing your wardrobe.
We can assure you of our integrity, trust, reliability and flexibility.
We can promise you that you will have fun!
Life Laundress has been set up to help you declutter your lives and help you find the time for the things that really matter. Not only will your feel liberated but by recycling some of your old stuff you are satisfying your green credentials thereby giving something back to society.

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