Spring Time Guidance from Life Laundress!

In an ideal world, we would follow in the steps of our great grandmeres and do a huge spring clean each year. Back then, these cleaning sessions could go on for several weeks and no rug would be left unbeaten or bathroom tile not regrouted. However in these days of time short strife, we suggest you follow these suggestions to spruce up your home in a realistic frame of a few hours!

We love lists and there is nothing more satisfying than crossing off the jobs as you get through them! We suggest you write out a schedule showing the rooms in your home and then armed with several bin bags and with your mind set firm, you can get on with the job!

We always think its a good idea to start at the top and work down so your bedroom is probably a good place to begin! Fling open all the windows and let the fuggy Winter air be refreshed by the clean smell of Spring! Wipe over all surfaces with a dampened cloth, pull out the furniture and vacuum behind and underneath it. Bedside tables can be cleared of the usual excess of unread novels and chairs of their clutter of clothes. Put washing into one pile, dry cleaning into another and hang everything else up! Shoes can be paired and neatly stacked. Cast a reflective eye over the contents of your wardrobe and promise yourself you will spend some time going through your surfeit of clothes another day.

Moving to the bathroom its time to do more of the same. Wiping, scrubbing and then throwing away all those half used bottles of lotions and potions that are drying out and decaying. Bright Spring sunlight after a long dark Winter always seems to show up every scrap of dust in our homes. Its always well worth spending a bit of time sparkling up your mirrors and windows. You will find that vacuuming blinds and curtains is a breeze when armed with a powerful nozzle!

Fill the house with Spring flowers daffodils grow so easily and will propagate for even the least green fingered of us. Plant a few bulbs each Autumn and every year you will find that you have more, meaning that you can pick a big bunch without leaving gaps in your borders. As you move through the house make sure that you are using those bin bags. Things to be recycled, things to throw away, things to take to the bootmender and drycleaners, borrowed items to be returned to their owners!

Of course, as you progress, you will find that there are some jobs that will need to be tackled another time. Paperwork to be sorted and filed, half used packets past their sell by date in the kitchen to be disposed of, photographs to be gone through and lovingly placed in albums. All important jobs needing time. Use your notebook to jot down the things you might need to help you get through these tasks in the future pretty storage boxes, Tupperware containers, a shredder for old bank statements. You might also want to consider getting some special boxes for important memorabilia.

Generally tidying up and cleaning and is an amazingly cathartic exercise and very strangely addictive! You will find that in seeing the results of your endeavours, you will be inspired to do more! However, we do find that sometimes people can find it all overwhelming and feel that things would be best tackled with someone to help them along! In this instance, there is no better solution than calling Life Laundress for support, general hand holding and total expertise!

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