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Saying Honor has totally changed my life is an understatement. I was a hoarder and disorganised and everything from my wardrobe to my office was higgledy piggledy. I found that I was getting stressed out with simple everyday tasks because I had too much stuff and didn't have a certain place for anything or systems that worked for me. I run my own business so am extremely busy and the thought of sorting all my stuff (from clothes to files to furniture) seemed such a monstrous project that I put it off for years. In just a few hours Honor got rid of 80% of my wardrobe, helped me work out what I need to buy to make it a practical capsule wardrobe, rearranged my flat so its spacious and clutter free and put new systems in my office that are simple and effective. Most of all she has empowered me to take control of my surroundings and given me confidence to make better decisions about what I need and what I don't need. Honor is professional, honest and exudes confidence and style, but at the same time is supportive, friendly and caring and she really knows what women need. She has created more hours in my day, helped me sleep better at night and I wish I had met her years ago!!!
Janey Holliday


Dear LL
Thank you so much! I feel liberated from all my old and oversized stuff! And my sister-in-law leapt at the offer to come to rummage through the bin bags (and made me swear that I would not give anybody else 1st sight - especially not her teenage daughters!!).
And I have just been shopping and bought the missing bits from my summer wardrobe: one pretty denim skirt, one lovely cotton skirt, and one embroidered aqua vest top!! All the correct size and all in the sale too!!!
So a very successful session and a very satisfied client who will recommend your services to all…
With love and thanks - Suzy xx


Thanks to Honor and Lifelaundress. My bedroom is a haven and no longer a chaotic mess. I can now have sex with the lights on as before I couldn't bare to see the mess! Thank you for more than you can know!
Anonymous, South of France

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