What do we do?!

Wardrobes -

  • Do you look at your wardrobe everyday and think that you really have nothing to wear., you hate everything you own and pull on the same old things? - To quote an over used cliche - we wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time.
  • Together we will go through your clothes and validate/advise what you should keep and what should go.
  • We guarantee you will feel revitalised by the experience, rediscover clothes you had forgotten about.

(Life Laundress can help you restyle your wardrobe, ensuring you have outfits that suit your body shape and your life style)

Homes -

  • Are you selling your house ?
  • Have you sold your home and can't bear the thought of all that packing?
  • Are you having a baby?
  • Setting up a business?
  • Has the contents of your home just taken over control?
  • Whatever the reason we can advise you how to reorgansie your possessions.
  • We can demonstrate how you can make each room more attractive to a potential buyer.
  • We can reduce your packing and therefore removal costs and stress.
  • We will bring clarity and more energy into your home

Offices -

  • Do you have a business at home that is spreading into the rest of the house
  • Is your office a mess?
  • We will help you reorganise your space to its maximum potential and set up systems to help keep that filing under control.

Credit Crunch - Is the Credit Crunch hitting you?
We will show you how you can make huge savings on everyday things. We will work with you to ensure your bank statement is no longer a scary thing to be shoved under the pile of unopened envelopes sitting on the kitchen table! With just a few changes Life Laundress can free up more of your time and money to spend on the things that really matter and help you to sail through the credit crunch in style!

Other services

  • Once we have defined what is staying and what is going we can advise you whether it can be turned into money. Ebay, other auction sites, second hand designer shops, antique shops all might be interested in your clutter.
  • Depending on the clutter, we can also take it away for you.

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